Physical French Phonics – Downloads

Physical French Phonics is a tried-and-tested multisensory approach to teaching French phonics. It has been developed in conjunction with primary school children and their teachers over the course of several years.

For each phoneme, students learn an action, as well as the graphemes associated with that sound. Cheerful colourful cartoon pictures link the actions to the sounds and help to facilitate learning.

The comprehensive teacherʼs guide provides a clear step-by-step approach to introducing pupils to French phonemes. It contains practical advice, activities and guidance, along with photocopiable games and reference sheets.

Through using Physical French Phonics your pupils will not only learn to pronounce correctly the French vocabulary introduced, they will also gain the skills to tackle any new vocabulary they encounter with confidence.

Download the 7 Apps, the Interactive Whiteboard files and the Teacher Book

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F1 – Colours v3

F2 – Numbers v3

F3 – Months v3

F4 – Days of the week v3

F5 – Three animals v3

F6 – Sounds, actions & spellings v3

F7 – Counting v3

Interactive Whiteboard Files v3

Teacher Book 3rd Edition