Brilliant Publications has been publishing brilliant books for brilliant teachers for over 25 years. Many of our books are also useful for home schooling. Our catalogue can be found on our main website:

This website contains support material for our publications – powerpoints, mp3 audio files and mp4 video files. These are provided on CD-Rom or DVD when you buy the books but as some laptops now come without a DVD or CD-Rom reader, we have also made the files available for downloading using the internet. You must buy the relevant book before you can download these files. Instructions for downloading can be found in the book, or the teachers’ handbook. If you have difficulty, please contact us at Books can be purchased from our main website:

Menu – Downloads – Click the blue phrase to download the files. You will be asked to confirm your email address so that we can confirm you’ve bought the book.

Menu – run the files online – Click the blue words to run the apps online